Monday, September 26, 2011

Dragon Hunting

The great thing about being the only species that makes a distinction between right and wrong is that we can make up the rules for ourselves as we go along.
--Douglas Adams

Taurean over at Flight of Dragons posted earlier today some thoughts on Bounty Hunting in EVE.  It managed to hit that sweet spot of interesting with a dash of controversial and got my own creative juices flowing.  If you haven't read his post, you should do so before reading this one, and then prepare for another session of me ranting a bit about game design to whomever will listen.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Turret Talk Two

The idea of firing real ammunition instead of Simulated Destruction charges was both terrible and exciting.  It was one thing to use live ammunition against the outside hull of the Starship, but shooting live rounds actually inside the ship would mean damage on a grand scale!  There would be an enormous amount of exciting repair work to look forward to!
--Douglas Adams

Yesterday's post saw a comment from one of my readers that raised some interesting points.  I do so love comments, and instead of trying to reply to a somewhat complicated matter within the comments of that post, I decided to turn my response into an entire post of its own.  So fasten your seat belt and get ready for some more turret talk.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Everything You Never Asked to Know About Turrets

Next to this, the structures of the huge half-dismantled Grebulon ship looked like gun turrets on a battleship.  Gun turrets.  That's what those blank gray buildings had looked like.  And what was odd about them was that by the time she passed them again on her way to reboarding the small Grebulon craft, they had moved.
--Douglas Adams

A while back Taurean over at Flight of Dragons received a question in his comments about Turrets, Missiles and Rockets.  His response, in short, was to answer the question about Turrets as best he could and then referred the person to a post I made about Rockets for a good introduction to how they work.  This got me thinking, "Why don't I have an equally awesome post concerning turrets?  I love turrets.  I got my first kill with them.  I should talk about turrets."  This is that post.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Player Wrap Up

Dirk turned on the car wipers, which grumbled because they didn't have quite enough rain to wipe away, so he turned them off again. Rain quickly speckled the windscreen. He turned on the wipers again, but they still refused to feel that the exercise was worthwhile, and scraped and squeaked in protest.
--Douglas Adams

We're finally here folks.  It took me all of a single day to play through what has taken three weeks of posting for you to get caught up on.  You're tired of it.  I'm tired of it.  This is a generally bitter and angry post which I'll apologize for upfront.  It's also filled with some extremely constructive criticism and hopefully someone from CCP is out there listening.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Balancing the Books

Dennis Hutch had stepped up into the top seat when its founder had died of a lethal overdose of brick wall, taken while under the influence of a Ferrari and a bottle of tequila.
--Douglas Adams

These pilots are masters of arbitrage, profiteering, and generally making a space-buck off the sweat of another man's brow.  Join this career if you prefer to sit in a leather executive chair, smoking a cigar and counting your billions as the proletariat does the real work.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Like Military Only Better

Nobody got murdered before lunch. But nobody. People weren't up to it. You needed a good lunch to get both the blood-sugar and blood-lust levels up.
--Douglas Adams

Pilots on this advanced training program will be introduced to the many commonly used modules and tactics on the battlefield, including interdiction, logistics, and evasive maneuvering.  In order to complete this tutorial, a capsuleer must also come to master their own needless fear of death.