Monday, July 11, 2011

Resource Roundup

To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.
--Douglas Adams

A few blog posts around the web have piqued my interest recently.  As I read each one I've wanted to stand-up and say "Hey!  People need to come look at this," but I didn't necessarily feel it was worth making a post about. As these thoughts have built up in my head, I decided to highlight a few things that I think would be very useful to a new Pirate in EVE.

Holding the top spot has got to be Azual's recent Know Your Enemy Series.  While I hope that it's not over, he's recently finished descriptions for every frigate in the game with explanations of how to combat them in PvP.  This is absolutely invaluable to a new player in EVE Online.

The myriad of ships and fittings in EVE can be really overwhelming to a new player.  In fact, one of the most common questions asked in Alliance chat from our new recruits is always "Can I take on X in my Y?"  It's rarely as clear cut as a simple Yes/No response, but Azual does a great job of describing some of the more popular ways each of these ships is likely to be setup for PvP and just what ships and fittings are the Rock to their Scissors.

Next on the list of great resources for a fledgling Pirate is Marc's So You Wanna Join a Pirate Corp? feature on his blog.  It looks like he's only started doing this for the past couple of months, but I for one hope he keeps it up.  It's got to be the least biased representation of currently recruiting Corporations I've ever seen someone post, using Battleclinic stats and current member info as a basis for description more than anything else.

Naturally, I'm a bit biased towards The Blood Money Cartel, but I recognize we might not be what everyone is looking for.  His list provides over a dozen corporations that are currently recruiting and self-describe as a Pirate organization.  If you're looking to raise the Black Flag for the first time, his post has already done the heavy lifting of figuring out who's who for you.

Last and far from least is Muira Bull's Solo Combat Pilot's Guide to Good Roaming series.  If learning all the ships in EVE seems like a daunting task, just try learning all the systems.  Muira has been kind enough to break down good solo roaming routes with descriptions of the local terrain from what to watch out for, to the various static complexes and highlights of station services and asteroid belts.

If you're new to EVE lowsec and trying to find your way, nothing could be more helpful than a well written description of where to roam.  I remember my first foray into Piracy and the question of "Where should I go?" was answered with a simple "Black Rise.  Not many gate camps there."  I would have killed for something like Muira's guide back then.  If you're just starting out and looking to go it alone to learn the ropes, I couldn't recommend those posts more highly.

That's it for me right now.  No new material to see here, just me standing on the shoulders of giants.  I'm lazy.  Sue me.




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  2. I like to think that you read this as soon as it was posted, but it took you two hours to escape TVTropes Icy Grasp and come back to leave a comment. That thought makes me happy.

  3. Locator agent is my next stop >:)