Friday, November 4, 2011

Clearing the Cobwebs

The layer of dust had clearly not been disturbed in some time when the door opened and a gust of air sprinkled the air with thin particles.

"Oh man, what happened ta this place?" the plump man who had opened the door asked aloud.

"I heard the last owner lost his mind.  Kept screaming something about spreadsheets when he was dragged away.  Got committed to that place up in Arkham, " replied the tall slender fellow who was behind him.

"Arkham?  I 'erd they had some big breakout up there a couple years back, closed the 'ole place down,"  The rounder fellow spoke without looking at his companion.  Intent on his task at hand; cleaning the place up for the new owner.

"Nah, you heard wrong.  Some lunatic in a cape and pointy ears stopped it before it went too far, " shot back the other as he flipped the breakers on the wall.  Light finally illuminating the work desk covered with maps and diaries.  "So, are we just to throw all this out?"

"Nope.  The buyer was real specific about wanting anything left behind.  Somethin' about peering into the eyes of madness.  Gave me the creeps t'be honest.  Wore one a'those Amarrian hoods so you couldn't see his face when he talked t'ya.  I seen his type before.  We're just ta get the locks changed and fix the place up before he gets 'ere tomorra."

"Well, looks like some of the fixtures need replacing.  I'm heading down to the truck to see if we have a match while you start on the locks."  Both men nodded in agreement and went about their work.  By the time they finished, the transformation was nothing less than extraordinary.  No longer the dusty cave of a madman, this was now a right and proper work studio.

Welcome back folks.  As you may have noticed, I got a bit distracted by other things in my video game pursuits, but I assure you that after a couple weeks of inserting "I'm Batman," anywhere I could in casual conversation, it's back to EVE.  So...where were we?

Ah yes, we had been discussing Turret Balance.  Of course, this discussion had been amidst a rapidly changing climate in the game itself.  The day I had intended to finally get out a post on Medium Turrets, a leak of theoretical changes to be made in the winter expansion hit the intertubes.  As I began to review it, I couldn't help but feel it was making an awful lot of my commentary on the topic obsolete.  This led me to hesitate on releasing what I'd written, at least until I'd had time to process it all.  Well, a day turned into two, which turned into four and then an unrelated video game release led to the aforementioned I'm Batman Syndrome.

Having come back to the topic with a fresh head on my shoulders, I've decided against the full blown discussion of turrets I had planned.  Not to have completely wasted my time, I present the spreadsheet that I'd compiled so far, but won't be doing a blog post to accompany it.  It was turning out to be rather dull, truth be told, as Medium Turrets really just repeat a lot of the patters established with Small Turrets.  This leads to a few interesting notes, like the RoF on the Smallest Medium Blasters being faster than the RoF of the Largest Small Blasters, but they generally stack up the same against the other weapon types.

I'm sure you're all quite heartbroken over this news, so I will offer this as a bit of condolence; when the changes from the winter expansion are made, I will come back to complete a full analysis of the turrets soon™ after.  The other advantage to you, the reader, being that I've had several interesting fights to turn into blog posts lately and doing the work for the turret posts was hampering my ability to work on those.  So, more posts in the near future plus a promise to revisit the topic of turrets once the changes are cemented, sounds fair to me.



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  1. 425mm autos are stupidly light on power grid. Wow.