Thursday, June 2, 2011

Undocking On Patch Day

In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.
--Douglas Adams

Short post today to discuss some simple advice for undocking your ship for a little Lowsec Piracy on Patch Day.

DON'T DO IT!!!  Seriously, just don't.  Give it a few days to get all the kinks worked out first.  The number of minor bugs and glitches are all just that.  Minor.  None of them are usually as worthy of the EMO RAGE that the the forums seem to say they are.  However, each and every minor glitch is enough to get you killed.  Allow me to demonstrate...

After the extra long downtime from the recent Incursion 1.6 deployment I was feeling pretty EVE deprived.  Finally hopping into an Arbitrator and Cruising (Pun Intended) around ran me straight into a duo camping a gate in a Tengu and Broadsword.  The Heavy Interdictor was certainly enough to point me, but I doubted they had the DPS to cut through my 800mm of Reinforced Rolled Tungsten before I could get back to the gate and jump.  I was pleasantly surprised when I made it within Jump range just as my shields failed.

Then I sat there.  For a very long time.  Pressing the Jump button, but getting no response from EVE except the slowly reddening bar where my armor buffer used to be.  At half structure I decided it just wasn't going to happen and started spamming warp to get my Capsule away safely.  Thankfully that worked.

After finding myself in a safe spot, I asked over local comms if the other Pilots could shed some light on what had happened, but they were just as confused as I was.  To them I had made my way back to the gate and then happily sat there and let them kill me.  Well, at least it was happy from their perspective.

I've petitioned the loss of my Arbitrator.  Not really for the ISK, but more to let CCP know that their game is broken and needs some fixing.  The ISK is just a bonus.  We'll have to wait and see how it turns out as I've yet to get a response, no doubt GMs are inundated with petitions after a patch.

Since then I've seen a laundry list of other minor problems, just none that have gotten me killed.  In no particular order, things I've actually experienced would include:

  • D-Scan getting stuck in the fully upright and scanning position, failing to return any results.  
  • D-scan showing a ship as "Pilot Name's Ship" even after it's been changed, but only to some pilots.  This has both helped and hindered.  I've seen one of our own Pilot's ship name being displayed while other members of our fleet saw it as the name he had set, but I've also had another pilot in my fleet seeing ships of an enemy gang as their owner's name while I only saw the names set.
  • Setting full speed on my ship only to have my ship decide this would be a good time to pull a U-turn and head in the other direction.  Thankfully this didn't get me killed, but it certainly came close.
  • Finally, PI is FUBAR.  As a Pirate who uses the passive income of Planetary Interactions as a primary stream of income, this sort of concerns me.  Not right this minute as I have plenty of ships and enough in my wallet to be comfortable, I'm still concerned every day that it hasn't been fixed.
Those are just things that have been experienced by me personally, for a full list of whinage check out this thread.  Before you ask if I need any cheese to go with my thanks, I'm good.  I've said in the past that I really do appreciate the amazing game that CCP manages to put out, but it's still sort of irritating when bad things happen to you due to a glitch in the system.  After all, I manage to die just fine without them.



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  1. PI's not completely fubar for me, but it had some definite weirdness going on, forcing me to nudge every extractor head to get the right extraction values coming in. I do dislike that zooming in and out by holding the right and left mouse buttons exits an extraction cycle installation, but the mouse wheel at least seems to work fine.